Custom Made Acrylic Fabrication

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Clear Acrylic Retail Display Trays. Using our crystal clear acrylic trays to display, store, and organize is ideal for it's simplicity. No frills or complications. Just place your tray where you need it and organize your products as needed. With it's chic clarity, this tray allows for your customer to view the products inside from every angle. Clear is the ultimate neutral and will compliment any space and environment.

Clear Acrylic Display Trays. Acrylic trays are a immensely simple way to store and display your items. Perfect for retail and for home use. Use this tray as a solution for organization and storage. Our trays are constructed from crystal clear acrylic, with all the sides flame polished to a stunning shine. Easy to clean and sturdy, giving you a long lasting product.

Custom Made Clear Dual Compartment Acrylic Trays. We can construct any acrylic product to your specification to fit your needs. Whether your products are to stand alone of fit specifically onto a particular display, we will ensure you receive the perfect product. As pictured, we have created acrylic displays that work with your environment. These acrylic trays were custom made to fit around a curved shelf. Creating products to fit your furniture will encourage a more cohesive look.

Small Wall Mounted Clear Acrylic Display Box With Gold Metal Screws and Sliding Door Chic and classy, these wall mounted acrylic display boxes are the perfect way to display your items with an air of sophistication. Display anything from products for your store, decor, collectibles, memorabilia, sentimental items, and artifacts and other gallery or museum items. The gold screws not only keep these acrylic displays secure but add to the sleek and modern aesthetic to the display.

Clear Acrylic Display Tray W/ Notches for Dividers. This kind of clear acrylic display tray offers a more flexible use for organization. With it's four notches, this tray allows you the ability to divide it the tray into 3 compartments for more organization. An acrylic display like this is advantageous in retail settings that frequently change their layout. With this tray, you can adjust the divider accordingly to suit your needs.

White and Clear Acrylic Slanted Bin. Contemporary in shape, this acrylic bin offers a modern looking display. Ideal for retail use, especially for cosmetics, but can also be used at home to store and organize products. This bin uses two colors of acrylic: opaque white and crystal clear. This adds a more modern look, along with it's slanted opening that is sure to catch your customer's attention.

Small Clear Acrylic Boxes W/ Black Acrylic Tray. Using multiple products together can create a striking and unique display. This ingenious combination of 4 small clear acrylic display boxes with a opaque black base creates a truly eye catching display. Combining products together allows for every item to be used in unique ways. It can help keep items nicely organized and displayed in one place. Additionally, you can separate the items and use individually whenever you need.

Custom Cut Orange Acrylic Sign w/ Vinyl Lettering. Create a stunning and helpful sign with our brilliantly colorful acrylic with stark white vinyl lettering. You can choose from a wide variety of colors as well as either complete opacity or transparent colors (such as pictured). We can custom cut signs into virtually any shape and size. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Clear Acrylic Dual Compartment 5-Sided Box Simple and extremely practical, this acrylic dual compartment boxes is an ideal solution for displaying products in an organized manner. They also make for a useful organizational tool at home, for items such as cosmetics, hair brushes, pens, tooth brushes, and much more!

Clear Acrylic Tube Displays Clear acrylic tubes offer the opportunity for your guests to view products with an unobstructed 360 view. For smaller tube, they're used to highlight a particular item or set apart a sample for your customers to try (as pictured).

Clear Acrylic 5-Sided Box A classic item for displaying and practical organization is the simple clear acrylic 5-sided box. You can use it to simply store and organize items at home or in retail. You can flip it over and use it as a riser to highlight and elevate featured items. This is also ideal for collectors who use them as cases to protect and preserve their items. The uses are endless.

White Acrylic Display Pedestals. So chic, so minimal, so on trend. The opaque white acrylic pedestal display is a must have for modern and trendy retailers. Simplistic and long lasting, this item blends seamlessly into any environment while maintaining it's sleek appearance for a long period of time and use.

Clear Acrylic Sign Holder Advertise your items and events with our weather resistant sign holders. A lot of retailers and restaurants use tradition paper or cardboard signs alone to advertise their store, items, or events and those eventual get torn, soaked, dirtied and fall apart. Acrylic is long lasting and prevent your important advertisements from being destroyed. This will also help save you a lot of money, now that you won't have to keep replacing your adverts.

Black Acrylic Dispenser Tray Perfect for retail settings where you can display and organize all your products! Trays keep items secure in one spot without falling off but it's also allows for easy access for customers. This item is also great for home use. You can organize and store items such as perfumes, lotions, hair accessories, makeup, grooming products, and so much more!

Small Clear Acrylic Display Case with Black Acrylic Base. Protect your collection and display them proudly with our small clear acrylic display cases! This display case comes with a black acrylic base that is slightly thicker to elevate your item. A display case can help keep your item safe and preserved. Keeps out water, dust, and bugs, as well as overly curious customers and guests.

Tall Clear Acrylic Display Case with Clear Base. Simple but contemporary, this display will attract your guests as well protect your item from dust, water, bugs, and overly curious guests. Made from crystal clear acrylic, you can view the item inside from a multitude of angles without any obstruction. This material is easy to maintain and long lasting. Sturdy glue and flame polished produce stunning and glossy joints. Displays like these are excellent for museums, galleries, and retail.

Glass Green Acrylic Display Case. Acrylic is the most popular substitute for glass as it has the same optical clarity but none of the fragility. It is often used to replace windows, table tops, and are used for green houses. For a more authentic glass look, we offer a clear acrylic material with a very slight green tint that allows the glued joints and polished edges to shine a beautiful green. This material is ideal for antique restoration or to add a modern touch to a vintage piece.

Clear Acrylic Display Case With Flat Black Base. Whether you are displaying a featured product in your store or key pieces of your collection. This display will help keep bugs, water, and dust out, helping preserve your item. Acrylic also filters out harmful UV rays, helping preserve your item. This case can be used at home for your own private collection or at galleries, museums, or retail stores.

Clear Plexiglass Display Case With Clear Base and Screws. Preserve and protect your collection with a clear and sturdy plexiglass display case. With it's optical clarity, you can view your item from multiple angles. With it's sleek clarity, these display match well with any decor and theme of it's environment.

Tall and Narrow Clear Plexiglass Display Case. Save space with a tighter fit. This type of display case will use up only the necessary amount of space. This clear plexiglass display case helps filter out harmful UV rays as well as keep out water, bugs, and dust, aiding in preserving your items.

Clear Acrylic Layered POP Display A key to achieving those last minute impulse sales is a well designed and placed display unit. A display unit can keep your items visible to the customer and organized. This item comes with two layers to place a variety of items.

Clear Acrylic Layered Display Unit. This display unit will help you keep several different items in one place, saving you precious space. Utilize it as a POP display to increase impulse sales or as a display through or as a way to organize items at home (such as spices).

Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Display With Velvet Insert. Incorporate your walls as real estate for contemporary displays. This type of display offers a unique opportunity to be at eye-level with your guests while saving floor space. Ideal for retail spaces or museums and galleries.

Custom Clear Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Dispenser. Help keep your items stocked and in clear view to encourage an easier work floor in your fine establishment. You can stack multiple types of cones up high to keep items organized and well stocked.

Large Clear Acrylic Double Compartment Bin This is the perfect way to display and store large quantity items such as socks or small toys. The dual bins help keep items organized and in one place, whether they are all the same item or two different items.

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