A frequently asked question about our stunning acrylic displays is "How much weight can I put on it"? This is a valid question and concern for anyone using it as a display stand. You want to make sure your item will be safe and secure. You can't afford any compromise to the constructual integrity of your display.

It's a good thing we've done a lot of testing for this.

From our tests (which included having several members of our production team stand on top of the pedestal) we concluded that at minimum our acrylic pedestals can support 200lbs. The thicker material we use to construct the pedestals, the more weight it can support.

There are some things to take into consideration including how wide the pedestal will be. The wider the pedestal, the less support the middle of the top will have, which could potentially cause it to collapse. As mentioned before, the thickness of the material will also determine how structually sound the pedestal will be to support more weight. If your item is above 200lbs, please consider selecting a thicker acrylic material for your pedestal.