Our stunning acrylic pedestals are commonly purchased for one-time use. Recently we have been asked by many people how to make the most out of their pedestal and we have quite a few ideas!

Mostly, our pedestals are used as decor for events such as weddings, birthdays, or funeral. They are used for displaying flowers, centerpieces, statues. They can be filled inside with flowers or balloons to fit your event.

Aside from party decor, there are practical uses for these pedestals. A pretty straight forward use is to incorporate your pedestal into your home decor. It's a handy way to display house plants closer to sunlight. You can lay it down on a flat surface and line your knick nacks and small plants on the top surface and on the inside. 

Our pedestals could also make for excellent decor outside and act as a small greenhouse for your favorite plants. As the festive holidays approach, you can incorporate your pedestal into your decorative scene.  Fill the insides with lights, holly, mistletoes, small trees, and anything else. 

There are really endless ways to make further use of your pedestals to really get the most for your money. The possibilities are endless.